SMART Electronic Lock

Revolutionize the way you see and manage your security entry door with an innovative automatic electronic locking system, designed to protect offices and home environments.

The convenience of a keyless lock technology, combined with the highest level of security. Use one or more of the following external opening solutions to operate your door:


Stores up to 300 users simultaneously.


The lock’s free App enables any Bluetooth Smart Ready phone (iOS / Android) to unlock the door from up to a 10 meters distance.

Apple Watch

The lock’s free App is also available for Apple Watch Series 3 and above.

RFID Credentials

The keyboard has an embedded multistandard contactless reader that works with RFID technology, which enables the lock to operate with compatible cards, tags and transponders.

Biometric Reader

Upon request, the door can be equipped with an integrated fingerprint biometric authentication device.

In the event of a power shortage, the door can still be opened using the provided mechanical key.

Internally the door is equipped with a special Single-Action handle, to enable a quick retraction of the bolts in a single and fluid motion.

The Time Control function allows you to set the time and date of activation and expiration for each credential. Two time-slot restrictions can also be applied to single users.

The administrator can add, remove or temporarily inhibit access to standard users at any time.

The Smart electronic lock stores all entrances and exits made by both electronic and mechanical commands. Through the App, the administrator can view the log of the last 1.000 events and have the report sent via e-mail.

Remote Opening Command

The Smart electronic lock is preset for remote opening. By equipping the door with the appropriate cable, a remote opening command can be sent from the intercom, or any other connected switch, making it the ideal solution for offices and condominiums.

The multifunctional cable also provides the “door status signal” which can be used for home automation systems.

Remote Key Delivery

Through the use of specific apps, it is possible to generate and send virtual keys to third parties. This service is particularly suited for small hotels, B&Bs and other rental activities as it enables the Host to manage its business in full mobility.

The virtual keys can be delivered to the Guests via e-mail, SMS or any other communication app. The Host can remotely revoke a previously issued virtual key at any moment, or issue a new one in the event of a room change or an extension of stay.

The remote key delivery service is pay-per-use and can be activated at any time.

In its default settings, following the closing of the door, the automatic locking system causes the engagement of all of the bolts, granting the highest level of protection at all times.

Whenever required, through the app, the system allows the activation of Office Mode by selecting one of the following options:

Light: The door, when closed, engages only the latch. This mode reduces mechanical wear and guarantees more comfort, with a faster opening time and a reduced level of noise.

Free: Both the latch and the bolts remain withdrawn at all times, granting free passage.

Office Mode can be scheduled to automatically activate during specific days of the week at preset time-slots.

Power Supply

Alkaline Batteries: no wiring needed. The lock is powered exclusively through the provided alkaline battery pack.

External Power Supply: direct current is provided by an external feeder connected to the mains power supply. The power cable reaches the lock through a spring cable gland, placed on the hinge-side of the door. A back-up battery pack enables the lock to continue to operate in the event of a power supply shortage.

Software Updates

In addition to introducing new or enhanced features, software updates can also include better compatibility with different devices or applications. They are free and are aimed at making the user experience better. When an update is available, a notification is sent to the selected smartphones. Once installed, they will automatically be transferred to the lock.


The Smart Electronic Lock is certified in accordance to the EN 14846:2008 directives holding classification 3X9E0P713 as well as, in the Single Action version, in accordance to the EN 179:2008 directives holding classification 377B1452AB (emergency exit device with “lever handle” operation).